Michelle Obama Finally Revealed What Melania Trump Gifted Her At The Inauguration, And Why It Looked Awkward AF

“Everyone cleared out…no one would come and take this box.” Allow me to take you back a little over a year ago, to Inauguration Day 2017. Pool / Getty Images On this day in history, this infamous screenshot was taken when an inexplicably awkward exchange occurred between exiting first lady […]

People Are Screaming Over This Interaction Between Demi Lovato And Henry Cavill

“Honestly unbelievable and deeply inspirational Instagram game.” You probably already know Demi Lovato, aka Queen Mitchie Torres, the most popular person at Camp Rock. Instagram: @ddlovato And you probably also know Henry Cavill, aka literal Superman. Instagram: @henrycavill There’s no obvious connection between the two of them (other than both […]

24 Things That I Can Confirm Really Happened Because I Was There

Oh, sweetie. This very convenient getaway, including the fastest phone number change ever: reddit.com This very special bird’s Amazon order: Instagram: @dabmoms This Hitler/Stalin fanfiction written by half of a class: Facebook: memebase This completely SFW art: uhrair.tumblr.com This incident involving children who have been cast in a Shawshank Redemption […]

26 Texts That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

Trust me. This dick tea: —breeyonce buzzfeed.com This confused mom who was pranked with the Gettysburg Address every time she typed “ok” on her phone: —annelisem4abe2df1d buzzfeed.com This dad’s unfortunate autocorrect: —brittanyh4a6100ec2 buzzfeed.com This mom’s plea: —princessangelaa buzzfeed.com This mom’s double entendre when her child went golfing: —jordilove buzzfeed.com This […]

I Can't Stop Staring At These Pictures Of Oprah With Three Hands And Reese Witherspoon With Three Legs

What is going on?! Every year, Vanity Fair puts out a “Hollywood Issue” complete with an iconic cover typically shot by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz. Vanity Fair / Annie Leibovitz And this year’s issue is no different. It’s got a slew of big names: Tom Hanks! Nicole Kidman! Zendaya! Vanity […]

15 Times Millennials Screwed Up In The Most Millennial Way

Kings/queens of fails. They don’t use Siri properly: Twitter: @CeciMula They can be oblivious: Twitter: @mayrasendejo_ Twitter: @SialeGang They’re too quick to send pics: Twitter: @WhiteKidCanJump And emails: Twitter: @CBMSt1 They’re vague: Twitter: @JorjiIsAwesome They assume everything’s about them: Twitter: @decentbirthday At all: Twitter: @Miisssliz They don’t follow directions: Twitter: […]

23 Pictures People Who Went To Private School Will Never Understand

Public school isn’t just a place…it’s an experience. Every single teacher making this face and saying “this isn’t middle school anymore”: Twitter: @tbhmclovin Making do with whatever supplies you had: Twitter: @laurenbillmeier Literally nothing making sense: Twitter: @lyxopk Dress codes not making any sense: rudetae.tumblr.com Like, any sense at all: […]

21 Tweets So Funny You'll Piss Yourself Laughing

Hold onto your hats, these are some wild ones. LOL, this epic gender reveal: Twitter: @JORDANBENNlNG Best. Name. Ever. Twitter: @iamchrisscott The reality in this statement: Twitter: @majaanushka This ain’t checkers, it’s chess: Twitter: @Bobby_Corwin Her back though: Twitter: @rancheroni Just, LOL: Twitter: @Paper__Trail What’s level 1,000? Twitter: @dracomallfoys When […]