19 Halloween Costumes That Literally No One Could Figure Out

They just couldn’t see your genius. “Meatloaf and meatloaf.” “I would do anything for love, but I wouldn’t wear this costume again.” —karynm4c1f91432 buzzfeed.com “Gilly from Saturday Night Live.” “Everyone just thought I was Annie.” —taylorroseb2 buzzfeed.com “Chicken Strip.” “Hilarious in my mind, awkward in execution.” —brittanym4b63ffc37 buzzfeed.com “The ‘Lit’ […]

22 People Who Did Halloween Way Better Than You This Year

These executions are spot-on. A costume fit for the Rocket Power fan in you: Instagram: @shylynn_ Scream-themed costumes for classic horror film fanatics: Instagram: @visuallyhappening An adorable couple’s costume idea for any Recess fan: Instagram: @shaunareagan This stylish Cardi B and Offset couple’s costumes: instagram.com A creepily appealing It costume: […]

16 Canadian Tumblr Posts That Will Make America Say, "Right In Front Of My Salad?"

I thought what we had was special. When they grilled us on our national anthem… yoprinceass / Via yoprinceass.tumblr.com …Whoops, I’m sorry, national anthems. youdbeagooddalek / Via youdbeagooddalek.tumblr.com When they showed Americans why they can’t have nice things. creamiepuffs / Via creamiepuffs.tumblr.com And they rubbed in how much safer they […]

Celebrity Humblebrags So Iconic They'll Leave You Secondhand Embarrassed For Days

Do not read this post without a bucket nearby. When Taylor Swift shared this “sweet bedtime convo” with Ed Sheeran about just casually being multi-platinum lyricists. Instagram: @taylorswift Gigi Gorgeous is cold. Can she stop being a gorgeous model for today? instagram.com King (of the humblebrag) James at his finest. […]

17 Innocent Responses That'll Make You Say, "Oh, Honey"

They REALLY didn’t get it. Those are for puppies, right? idkhumor.tumblr.com They just really love naps. warsbetweenstars.tumblr.com Where did all these charges come from? Twitter: @lanadelcunt You’d think they’d be hot, with all the fur. jturn.tumblr.com They mean like, jet skis and stuff, right? hatsuneniko.tumblr.com Maybe tape? imgur.com Clearly a […]

This Is Just Proof That America, Australia, And England Are Wildly Different Places

“Pudding means dessert in England you salted slug.” When everyone was confused about Australian blowjobs. spookyoboro.tumblr.com When everyone was confused about American garbage disposals. artielu.tumblr.com When everyone was confused about British pulp. tittily.tumblr.com When a teacher was confused about American handys. bisexualgambit.tumblr.com When a flatmate was confused about British tea. […]

Parents Are Sharing Photos Of How Much They’ve Changed After Kids And It’s Hilariously Sad

Recently on Instagram, parents have been sharing photos of themselves before and after kids.

Parents, the real MVPs. Recently on Instagram, parents have been sharing photos of themselves before and after kids. mrstooman / Via instagram.com The hashtag #GotToddlered was started by blogger Mike Julianelle of Dad and Buried, and people have been submitting some really relatable stuff. gottoddlered / Via instagram.com Like this […]