21 Tumblr Posts About Masturbation That Will Get You Every Time

*not horny but masturbates just in case* This quality way to pass time: lifeingreys.tumblr.com / Via rochejii.tumblr.com This celebration of perfect timing: This definitely-not-a-coincidence: pussysista.tumblr.com This very smart preventative measure: sleezed.tumblr.com This summary of your feelings: This proof that masturbation solves any problem: jem-sie.tumblr.com This celebration of your talents: says-it.com […]

Remember That One Time “Friends” Replaced Rachel With A Random Person And No One Noticed?

The One With the Fake Rachel. Hey, remember the one where Joey, Monica, and some random Rachel Green imposter LOLed together in the kitchen? Good times. Warner Bros. Wait, what? Warner Bros. Thanks to the investigative eye of RecentlyHeard.com’s Jordan D’Amico, we now know that Friends completely lied to us […]